Your well-deserved recognition awaits! Enter the Brick in Architecture Awards.

Suppose you work for an architecture or design firm that has completed a project with a building exterior or pavement that is predominantly clay brick. You’re rightfully proud of this project. Where do you go for recognition? Acknowledgement by your peers would be nice. Kudos from the authority on clay brick construction in the U.S. would be great. Coming out on top among the best of similar brick projects from all around the country would be AMAZING.

You go, of course, to the Brick Industry Association’s (BIA) Brick in Architecture Awards! Since 1989, the Brick in Architecture awards have been the nation’s premiere architectural awards program featuring clay brick. Entries can be made in eight categories: Commercial, Education (K-12), Higher Education (Colleges & Universities), Residential (Single Family), Residential (Multi-Family), Paving & Landscape, Historic Renovation, and International. Best in Class, Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes will be awarded in each category by a jury of peers.

Any project completed since January 1, 2014 is eligible, and the submittal deadline is October 31, 2019, so hurry! For all the details, visit In the meantime, check out these photos of previous winners, and watch for more posts with details about award winning projects.